Thr3e Wise Men


It’s so hard to find a good restaurant that you can take the kids to. One where everyone will have a good time, and there’s something to eat that everyone enjoys. I am one of those parents that doesn’t take their children to sit-down restaurants because I don’t want to ruin other people’s meals. (You’re welcome.) If a child is sitting down at a restaurant with me, it’s because I know that this is a place where children are welcome.

At Thr3e Wise Men, children are welcome.


First, there’s free popcorn. You know it’s going to be a good restaurant visit for the whole family when you get a big bucket of free popcorn. From my experience, children are always starving. They also don’t understand the concept of time. They don’t get why you have to wait for food, or why its taking so long, or why they can’t get up and run around. Providing them with something that they like eating (popcorn) while they wait is an excellent idea. This lets the adults at the table BREATHE for a moment. Everyone is happy and crunching, not destroying things or complaining.

And the drinks. Child beverages are served in an appropriately sized cup, with a lid and a bendy straw. Yes, this is how it should be done.

There is an open treasure chest in the middle of the dining room that is filled with the kind of cheap little toys that kids love. Tops, gummy hands, dinosaur tattoos … take your pick, kids. It’s all for you!


So Thr3e Wise Men is kid-friendly. There were lots of families eating and enjoying themselves. Families won’t stick out here, nor will they just be tolerated. We felt welcomed.

For all the raving about family-friendliness, Thr3e Wise Men isn’t a kid place. They serve beer here. They MAKE beer here. There is an entire area of the restaurant dedicated to gigantic silver vats that have beer in them. All of the dozen or so TVs in the restaurant are tuned to sports games. Half the menu features beer and alcoholic beverages. This ain’t no Chick fil-A. That’s what makes the restaurant so great. Adults can be adults and drink adult beverages, right next to children who can enjoy children things. Everyone co-exists in one happy place.




This kumbaya feeling extends to the food, too. I haven’t enjoyed a chef’s salad as much as I have enjoyed the one I ate at Thr3e Wise Men. Lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, sliced ham, avocado, buttermilk dressing … yep, that’s a salad, but everything was fresh and in perfect proportion. I ate the off out of that salad. It was so good that I almost ignored my meatball sandwich, which would have been a shame. The meatballs are housemade, and the marinara sauce is, too. It, too, was perfect and flavorful and delicious.




We didn’t get to try the beer this time. Young children in tow and all that. We are already planning our next visit to Thr3e Wise Men, though. It includes a visit without children, but a couple of glasses of beer and a soft pretzel or two.

Thr3e Wise Men
1021 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 255-5151


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